Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Socrative 2.0 - NEW!

Have you used Socrative in your classroom or at meetings to gather feedback, assess understanding and have electronic exit tickets? If you have, the old Socrative you used is now Socrative 2.0!

Changes were made last week to the design of the website as well as new and easier ways to launch questions and quizzes for your students.
Previous users do not have to change their room number and the quizzes they had already created are still there to be used.

To read more about how to use Socrative and see the new look, click HERE.

Watch a short 3 minute video on using Socrative.

Ways to use Socrative in the classroom
  • electronic exit ticket - no more stacks of paper to keep in order
  • ask true/false, multiple choice and short answer questions
  • assess prior knowledge
  • assess comprehension
  • allow for students to respond without feeling embarrassed
  • collect data and have it sent directly to your email account for future reference
  • allow you to make sure you are meeting the needs of your students by customizing instruction from the feedback in the reports
*Note 10/14/13 - The old version of Socrative is still available @ If you want to use the new Socrative 2.0 version, go to This is a beta site, please be patient, this is a work in progress. Note that activities created and run in Socrative 2.0 will not exist in Socrative 1.0. Please send any feedback to

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