Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alternatives to Google Reader

If you are a Google Reader user you will soon be looking for another site.  Google has announced that Google Reader will no longer exist as of July 1st this year.  For those of you who have never used Google Reader, it was a site where you could read all your blogs and newsfeeds in one place.

Instructions for exporting your current feeds from Google Reader.

Here are some alternatives to Google Reader:
  • If you have a apple mobile device or a android device you can use Flipboard.  You can import your Google Reader feeds into the flipboard app.  Flipboard puts all your feeds into a magazine like format where you can flip through pages.
  • Feedly is probably the most popular alternative.  It is also an app, but can be loaded on mobile devices and the web through Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions.
  • Newsblur  Newsblur is available through the web without an extension.  It can also be used as an app on a mobile device.
  • The Old Reader very similar to Google Reader.  Can be used through the web.  No mobile apps are available.
Another alternative that I use is Google Alerts.  It's not an RSS feed, but a search for keywords.  You can search kewords in blogs, news stories, discussions, videos, and/or books.  You set up the search you want such as "school library", where you would like it to search, how often you would like to receive an email with links that fit your keyword, and what email to deliver the information.
Your email from Google Alerts will look like this:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App

There is an app that can be downloaded for SmartPhones and tablets that allows parents and guardians to be connected with our student information system Infinite Campus.
Infinite Campus Mobile Portal *FREE*
Google Play:
This app gives you the most mobile access to the data you most commonly access from the Campus Portal.
Want to know if an assignment has been scored or it a new grade was submitted: Simply subscribe to notifications regarding changes to grades, assignment scores, and attendance events to receive instant alerts as changes happen.
Daily Planner
Use the Daily Planner to know exactly when and where you need to be today and get a quick view at your next due assignment for each of your classes. Want to see more? Simply dig in deeper by selecting the class you want more information about. Or switch dates and look ahead at tomorrow's schedule or any other date on the calendar.
Whether your school uses twelve terms or two, with five day rotations or one, your schedule will always be up-to-date with what your administration has created in the district's calendar.

Want to know how many time you've been absent? Or which days your child is still marked unexcused? Use the attendance views to see summary and detail information regarding your attendance record. 

The days of constantly logging in to check if your teacher corrected your assignment are over. Sign up for notifications to get immediate notification of your score right away. Or feel free to browse your assignments (past and future). Assignments are organized by due date and can be filtered for all classes or a specific class.

Get instant one-touch access to your grades and dig deeper to see how your grade was calculated by reviewing the assignments which make up your grade. Forget waiting for report card season to know exactly where your grade stands. In-progress grades display until a final grade is given by the teacher.

iOS Devices

Android Devices