Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Using YouTube without all the Junk!

Ever use a portion of a YouTube video in your lesson and cringe at the site of all the junk on the screen? The suggestions to other videos to watch, the comments that might be inappropriate and the advertisements?

Below is a YouTube screen filled with that junk.

Now see a YouTube video in a clean view using

Here is what you need to do to get a "clean view" of a YouTube video. Copy the URL that you would share for a YouTube video.
Then paste that YouTube URL into one of the following sites for a clean view to share with your students.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flashissue - The easy way to create a newsletter in gmail

You may have noticed something new in your school gmail account.  We have now added an app called Flashissue to staff gmail accounts.  Flashissue is an app that let's you easily create professional looking newsletters right in gmail.  It's a great way to create parent newsletters home. 

Here are the steps.
1. Accept Flashissue if you have not already.

2. Click on Flashissue right in your email
3. A blank template will show up
4. You can add information right into this blank template, whether it be information from a website or your own text.

5. You can easily flip between your email and flashissue.  Simply click on inbox to return to your mail, and flashissue to return to your newsletter (it will save what you have done so far).  So it's easy to add content throughout a week or month as ideas come to you.
6. You can search online for information to add to your newsletter. 
There are tons of other features, but I suggest you just play around with it and see what you can do!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't Close that Tab!

Has this ever happened to you? You are working in Google Chrome and you accidently press that little 'x' and close a browser tab that you needed to keep open? There is a way to stop that from happening.

Right click on the browser tab you want to keep open without fear of accidentally closing it. From the menu that appears, click on the words "Pin Tab". The 'x' disappears from the tab! No more frustration of closing a tab you still need open!

To reverse this, just right click again and then select "Unpin Tab". The 'x' comes back and you can close the tab again.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Math Apps that work on both iOs and Android

Here are a list of some math apps that work on both the iOS (iPad) and Android platform:

Name: ScootPad
Grade Level: K-6
Platform: Web, iOS, Android, Nook
Common Core Math & ELA
Name: Quento
Grade Level: 2-12
Platform: Chrome App, Android, iOS
Math Puzzles
Name: Agnitus
Grade Level: PreK-2
Platform: Web, iOS, Android
46+ curriculum based educational games for 2-8 years old
Name: Lego Mindstorms Fix the Factory
Grade Level: 2-12
Platform: iOS, Android
Logic Puzzles