Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coggle It - Collaborative Online Mind Map

There is a new and easy way to brainstorm and store your work in a mind map. Coggle is a great website that allows for users to collaborate with others and create mind maps.

Here are some positives about Coggle:
  • Log in with your MJSD Google email account
  • It is FREE!
  • Share your mind map with others so you can work together (just like sharing a document in Google Drive)
  • You can add images to your Coggle
  • Coggle has a revision history so you can look back at previous versions of your mind map.
  • Coggles are saved automatically

 "Coggle Tutorial: Do more with Coggles - YouTube." 2013. 14 Oct. 2013 <>

From their blog, Coggle boasts about these key features:

Collaborative - Being able to work in teams encourages participation and interaction, promoting idea generation and decision making. Real time online collaboration makes this possible even when teams are not centrally located.

Easy to use - So easy to use that anyone, including young children, can pick it up. The Coggle interface has been designed to be as clean and clutter free as possible to minimize the distraction from less commonly used features. With support for desktop, tablet and mobile interfaces, we're making Coggle as widely available as possible and are constantly adding more device support.

Beautiful - Removing clutter from the interface and employing minimalistic design techniques we have tried to create an interface that is free from unnecessary information, creating a simple tool for making beautiful notes.

Free - We don't charge for Coggle and we won't in the future. We believe that great tools should be available to everyone, without a price tag.

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