Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mapping through History with What Was There

Have you ever looked at a building or a city and wondered what it looked like years ago?  Well with the site What Was There you have the ability to do just that.  You can enter a city, state, or country name into the search and various pictures from the past will show up.  If the picture has a little yellow man in left hand corner, you will be able to see the current street view of that picture also.  Click on the picture, then click on street view, and you can slowly fade the picture to present day.  It's like time traveling through pictures.

Here is a 1910 picture of Hotel Gilpatrick in Milwaukee, WI.  Theodore Roosevelt was shot in front of this hotel in 1912 while campaigning.
1910 picture of Hotel Gilpatrick

Slowly fading to current day

Current Google street view, you can see that the hotel no longer exists.

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